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Handy Grammar #2

Updated: Jun 14

Download my at-a-glance grammar guide to some of the most frequently misused (and misunderstood) rules of grammar.

If you grew up during the seventies and eighties (as I did), English grammar didn't feature in the school curriculum. Today, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. I recall my youngest niece, during her early years at primary school, proudly telling me about 'subordinating conjunctions' and 'adverbial phrases'.

Many people are guided by their intuitive knowledge of grammar. They usually know what's right but they're not sure why. And when a sentence doesn't look or sound right, it can be tricky to correct unless you're able to apply the rules of grammar.

Handy Grammar is my way of drawing attention to the common grammatical errors I notice day to day. You can download Handy Grammar #2 using the link at the bottom of the page. I hope it's helpful.

Handy Grammar Guide #2
Handy Grammar #2
Download PDF • 74KB

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